Friday, January 28, 2011

Fancy Scarf

This is made from some of the softest yarn I've ever used! I bought 2 balls of Chunky Mochi from Patternworks. It comes in 6 colors. The yarn is 80% merino wool and 20% nylon. Because it was so expensive (total $20), I bought enough for only the one scarf. It is for sale. Make me an offer. The colors that you see here do not give it justice! It would go great with any solid color!

Ear Warmers!

I've made 3 of these ear warmers: one in red 100% wool (which is for sale), and the one pictured here, which my cousin Joy bought and is modeling. (She also bought a black one.) I can make them any length or width. (For sale using synthetic - not wool, cotton, etc.: $10 - price subject to change de- pending on the yarn, etc.) An elderly lady where I worship has one. Ms. Rena's seems to be commercially-made. She let me borrow it and I more or less copied it.

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New Hat!

This is a simple hat, but warm, will cover your ears and stretch to fit most adults. The yarn I used has all the colors in it. It is 100% acrylic. I can make them in any color (solids, etc., though I have no more of this yarn on hand - I do have a bit of a couple of other variegated/ombre' colors). This is for sale, and because it is syn- thetic and not wool or cotton, etc., is $8 (unless the cost of the yarn goes up). Let me know what color you'd like and if I have the color on hand that you want, I'll be glad to make one in another color.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Blanket!

I enjoy making baby blankets, even though they take longer to make than hats and scarves. Sorry, the baby isn't included! Isn't she a cutie! (I bought this doll and her "twin" at a thrift store! This "baby" had light "skin"; the other one has darker "skin". Both are beautiful and look almost real! ) This blanket was for sale (It sold on February 12), and is all synthetic, but real soft. I guess the angle
I took the pictures is why the color looks different. The blanket is 30" square or maybe a little bigger. (It IS more or less square;
I have the bottom corner tucked up.) If you'd like one, let me know. I sell these for $30 (if you pick it up; otherwise, I'll have to add shipping; price subject to change if the cost of the yarn goes up, and depending on the yarn that you want) and can make them in whatever color you want - solid or with a contrasting trim, and with or without a hood. The pattern is a free one from the Lion brand yarn company.