Wednesday, February 16, 2011

See this Afghan ...

I made this afghan by somewhat copying one that a friend had years ago. It is 41x56", just the right size to toss on a couch and curl up under. I could probably weave some colored ribbon or yarn through it to "fancy" it up a little. Talk to me if you'd like one by this pattern, and we can work out a deal! (P.S. You can now see it at Baritone's Grill on Carson Road in the Center Point area of Birmingham. That's a new little karaoke place with good burgers and such. Jason, the owner, has a couch and table lamps in a corner by the stage and Wurlitzer jukebox. With the afghan on the couch, it's just the place for a couple to snuggle while Elvis croons "Love Me Tender"!)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the beautiful custom afghan that you made for me several years ago. I wanted something pretty that matched my living room colors and also wanted something that we could use on a daily basis. I have washed it several times and let it air dry. Even with the frequent use and washing it has held up extremly well. Thanks Stephanie