Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hat and Cowl

I made these a few days ago.
I used Lion brand's new "Tweed Stripes" yarn whi
ch feels similar to their "Home- spun" yarn. Both the hat and cowl are nothing more than tubes, with the hat of course closed at one end. You can pull the cowl up like a bala- clava. I wore them to worship this morning and they were plenty warm outside, and al- most too warm in the church house! If you want me to make one or both for you, let me know and we'll work out a deal ... or you can buy this set for $20 plus shipping (worn only one time). My nephew took these pictures this afternoon.

Be sure to look at the tiny silver dragonflies I am wearing that show in the picture on the top. Click on the picture so you can see it better. Those are not earrings. They are charms! - or maybe I should say they are "cherished charms". They go on hearing aids and are from Hayleigh Scott and her sisters. Hayleigh and her twin Vienna are 11 years old now. Hayleigh has been wearing hearing aids since she was 18 months old. You can see more, and buy some, from

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